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We are pleased to announce the following:

Dr Michael Diver has been recently been awarded Fellowship of the ACB

and Mr Jeff Seneviratne has been awarded Emeritus membership of the ACB.


Ian Ward Members Papers Meeting Jan 2010

The winner of the Ian Ward members’ papers competition was Philip MacDonald and Eleanore Moody was runner up.


North West Trainees – National Pathology Week Nov 2009

 During discussions at the National Trainees Committee Meeting it was decided that the trainees throughout the UK should become actively involved with events for NPW. As a committee we decided that a stand should be held to advertise to the public what pathology is all about. The college were happy that the trainees were becoming so involved and agreed to support us with our events.


The North West is full of keen trainees who are happy to volunteer and participate in events both regionally and nationally. The trainees have already played a big role in organising and carrying out events for Manchester Science Festival in October. I had asked for volunteers to help me with this NPW stand back in April last year and the response from the trainees was good. Due to the large number who had volunteered the North West could hold three stands, not just the one minimum we had agreed on the Committee. The members of the National Committee were impressed that the North West were going to hold three events and with the numbers of trainees who wanted to be involved.


The first stand was held in the centre of Liverpool on the 3 rd November, the second in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester on the 5 th November and the third to be held in the hospital foyer of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital on the 7 th . The college provided us with some excellent resources, included a highlighter pen shaped like a syringe, lanyards, badges and pencils (coloured black and pink with the National Pathology Week logo), a choice of leaflets (including ‘what happens to your blood sample' lab tests online as well as career based leaflets).


A brief summary of the trainees who volunteered and an overview of the stands in each area are included in this short report. I think it is important that the supervisors of the trainees can see what they do when attending events outside the laboratory. Whilst the majority of training is spent developing skills and gaining experience in the hospital laboratory , participating in events like NPW is also important for a trainee as it enables other skills to develop further, in particular communication and team work.


Liverpool 3rd November

The following trainees volunteered to support the stand in Liverpool :

  • Jennifer Glaysher ( Manchester Childrens, HST)

  • Daniel Turnock ( Aintree Hospital , Grade A)

  • Liz Holmes ( Shrewsbury and the Royal Liverpool )

  • Felicity Stokes (Royal Liverpool , Grade A)

  • Liz Robinson (Royal Liverpool , Grade A)

  • Andrew Davison (Royal Liverpool , Senior)

  • Sarah Hatch (Royal Liverpool , Senior)

  • Phil Monaghan ( Arrowe Park , Grade A)

  • Suzzanah Philips (Royal Liverpool , Senior)


Left to Right: Felicity Stokes, Daniel Turnock, Claire Rees, Liz Robinson



Left to right: Andrew Davison, Felicity Stokes, Claire Rees, Jennifer Glaysher, Sarah Hatch


The stand in Liverpool was situated outside Primark on Church Street in Liverpool (the main shopping street in the City Centre). We received lots of interest on the stand in the early morning-all of the lanyards had gone before 12.30! Some people were happy to come take a freebie along with a leaflet, others wanted more information and stayed to chat with us. The majority of people were interested in the pictures of the laboratory we had on display, in particular those who had bloods taken on a regular bases. Some members of the public shared stories with us, including a lady who was diabetic who told us of the time doctors had woken her in the early hours of the morning as she had a glucose level of greater than 30.


Left to right: Suzzanah Phillips, Andrew Davison, Sarah Hatch, Phil Monaghan

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