Lab Tests Online UK App

A free mobile app for Lab Tests on Line is now available on both the Goolge Android and the Apple iOS platforms!

This free app is a mobile version of the lab tests online UK website, and has been developed by the Association for Clinical Biochemistry with support from the Royal College of Pathologists and the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS).  The website has been developed by doctors and healthcare scientists to help patients and healthcare professionals better understand the laboratory tests that are part of routine healthcare, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. The site contains information on over 250 laboratory tests and 150 related medical conditions.

The UK site is derived from the original Lab Tests Online website created by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, and complements the paid-for US Lab Tests on Line mobile apps.

The app can be downloaded from the mobile app stores, or alterantively can be found on the Google Play Store, and the Apple App store




Autumn Audit Meeting - Oct 2013

The North West ACB Autumn Audit Meeting will be held on Monday 21st October at Stepping Hill HospitalStockport. As well as showcasing regional audit activities we are pleased to announce that Dr Cathie Sturgeon (Edinburgh) and Mr Peter West (London) will also be presenting results of the ACB National Audit of Tumour Marker Service Provision.

Please click here for the meeting programme.

Please click here for a map and directions to the venue.

Please can you e-mail Ed Hinchcliife at Salford Royalno later than Friday October 11th if you wish to attend.



Big Bang Fair 2013

 The Big Bang Fair is back for 2013 and will be visiting the NW on 26th June at Liverpool's St George's Hall.

This is a great opportunity for us to take part and promote our profession. If you're interested in participating/helping out, feel free to email Francis Fung (details in the ACB handbook) and he will arrange with the relevant people.

For more information about the Big Bang fair, please visit the official website here, or alternatively view the Big Bang Fair 2013 NW Post Card
Information about last year's sucessful event can be viewed here.


ACBNW Summer Meeting 2013

The next regional NW ACB meeting will take place on Monday June 24th at Salford Royal Hospital, Mayo Building. 

The theme of the meeting is Gastrointestinal Disease and Nutrition and we are lucky to have four speakers from around the North West who are experts in their respective fields.

Please click here to access the meeting programme.
Please click here to access a site map for Salford Royal Hospital.

Lunch and registration are 12-1pm.

Please notify Ed Hinchcliffe (contact detauils in the ACB Handbook) as soon as possible if you are planning to attend the meeting and if you will require lunch.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


ACBNW Spring Meeting 2013 - Warrington


The next North West regional meeting will take place on Monday 18th March at the Medical Education Centre, Warrington Hospital. The theme of the meeting is the Central Nervous System and will also include our annual AGM. Lunch and registration are 12-1pm.

Please click here to view the meeting programme.

Please click here for a map of Warrington Hospital.

Please notify Ed Hinchcliffe as soon as possible if you are planning to attend the meeting.



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