Congratulations Johnny!

Congratualtions to Jonny Scargill!

Congratualtions to Johnny who won the Focus 2011 Poster Prize, for his Audit poster entitled "Auditing NT-proBNP requesting in primary care patients under 60".

State Registration Hints and Tips

A new guide has been added with useful hints and tips on the process of applying for State Registration and prouducing your Portfolio.

You can find it in the Shared Resources section of the Members Area.


Ian Ward 2011 Winners


Congratulations to Phil Monaghan who won First Prize, and Ed Hinchcliff who came second in this year's Ian Ward Members Papers Meeting held at Royal Bolton Hospital, Jan 13th 2011.

Congratulations also go to Natalie Hunt, Felicity Stokes, Adrian Miller, Phil Monaghan, and Dan Turnock who recieved their completion of training certificates.

Copies of the presentations will be posted in the Members Area shorlty.


Big Bang 2011

The Big Bang Fair is an annual event designed to attract, enlighten and educate the budding Scientists of the future (a bit like NPW but on a MUCH larger and wider-ranging scale, with better freebies!) and, like at this year's event, we have been asked to help man the stand fronted by The Science Council (in collaboration with ourselves (ACB), IBMS etc.).

For those unfamiliar with Big Bang, a whole host of companies and organisations put on stands and interactive workshops (e.g. Eon, BAE Sytems, Shell, NHS etc etc), celebrities from "Brainiac" and "Bang Goes the Theory" make an appearance and it really is a great event. A highlight of this year's fair was a workshop involving building blocks made of chocolate! For our part, we have a "Discovery Timeline" that pretty much does what it says on the's a dateline showing prominent discoveries in healthcare (Jenner's vaccine, Fleming and penicillin etc) and students are taken through it (by us). Next year's stand is meant to be even more interactive with laptops and the like, so it should be good for us as well as the students.

Big Bang 2011 is to be held at the ExCel Centre in London from Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th of March (9-5 Thursday and Friday, 10-5 Saturday). As the event is fully supported by the ACB, you should be able to take the day as study leave (but confirm this with your Supervisor) and you may even be able to claim travel expenses back (I'll double check that last bit with our Treasurer).

Anyway, if you'd like to volunteer and get involved, please get in touch by emai with Adrian Miller (ACB Handbook)l ASAP.

Ian Ward Papers Meeting 2011

The next ACB North West Regional Scientific Meeting will be held on Thursday 13th January 2011 at the Education Centre, Bolton Royal Infirmary.

The meeting will be the Ian Ward Members' Papers Competition.

Can anyone wishing to enter a presentation please submit a title and abstract by e-mail to Suzannah Phillips at RLI (see the handbook)This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">.

The final programme can be downloaded from here:




We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.  Maps are shown below.


View Larger Map

View Larger Map


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